At Longford Fencing & Landscaping Ltd we can transform your garden from looking like a building site into a beautiful landscape garden landscape area.

Garden Landscaping

Longford Fencing, located in South West England, provide a comprehensive garden landscaping service in the Gloucester area that is second-to-none. Our team of professional landscape gardeners, forearmed with the knowledge that each outdoor space possesses its own distinct qualities and that every property holder has their own unique vision for their garden, are able to transform even the most mediocre and uninspiring terrains into scenes of wonder and magnificence. Longford Fencing, capable of designing and creating gardens in a variety of styles and genres, are adept at both the soft and hard aspects of landscape gardening and are capable of executing a project from its initial planning phases until the moment of completion.

We delivery to Gloucestershire

We can deliver all of our garden products throughout Gloucestershire and the South West.

Hardscape features.

Hard garden features set in wood, brick and stone may act as a framework for softscape elements within the landscape such as flower beds, hedges, lawns and trees. Hardscape features used in garden landscaping include decks, fences, paths, patios, pergolas, rotundas, sheds, walls as well as water features such as fountains and ponds. Longford Fencing’s construction team are experts at installing hardscape features which include various styles of block pavement while wooden sleepers, telegraph poles and other types of timber can be used to lay decking or build other wooden structures. Built-up or bordered areas, such as raised flower beds, can serve to partition different live features of a garden in keeping with design themes requiring the separation of different plant varieties.

Softscape features

Longford Fencing’s green-fingered gardening staff are skilled in soft feature design and available to create hedgerows, lay turf, build flower beds and sow lawns. Tree surgery may be necessary in wooded garden landscapes and our company is able to plant new trees, prune existing ones as well as remove problematic, diseased or otherwise undesirable specimens by felling or uprooting the offending items. Aquatic plants such as water lily, hornwort, marsh marigold and sweet galingale enliven water features in garden landscapes and help oxygenate fish ponds. Softscaping is an important aspect of garden landscaping and we possess the horticultural expertise to install live features for maximum aesthetic and practical effect.

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