At Longford Fencing & Landscaping Ltd we build and supply a range of different garden structures.

Pergolas and Pagodas

These garden structures are designed to offer a sheltered seating area for your garden, as well as providing an attractive focal point.

Pergolas consist of vertical posts that support cross beams and create a lattice structure. They provide an area to sit in the shade, while being open enough for the occupants to enjoy views of the garden. Pergolas can also be useful for providing an area for growing vines and climbing plants that need support. Adding plants to your pergola can enhance the visual appeal.

A pagoda is a free standing structure which is suitable for both soft and hard surfaces. Pagodas are usually more enclosed than pergolas, with walls or panels offering extra shelter from the elements. The design is often oriental in style.


Gazebos are a popular choice for garden shelters, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A gazebo is normally a pillared structure, with open sides and a covered roof.

The shapes available include octagonal, oval, rectangular, square and hexagonal. The roof is usually domed or turreted.

A Gazebo is a great option for open gardens. They can provide shade in the summer months and shelter in the winter months. A popular option is to grow plants or vines on the pillars too.

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Log and Bin Stores

There are also structures that provide storage areas for logs and bins.

If you have a log fire, you will need to somewhere to keep the kindling where it will be out of the way. With a log store, the wood can be stored in the garden and kept dry. Log stores are designed to be practical and durable, and will keep your fire wood safe from the elements.

As bins are not the most decorative of items, you may want to use a bin store to keep them out of the way and hide them from view. Bins stores are ideal for keeping bins out of sight, while still easily accessible for use.

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We can deliver all of our garden products throughout Gloucestershire and the South West.

Chicken Runs/Houses & Bird Tables

If you keep chickens in your garden and would like an attractive solution to house them then we can help.

We also provide a range of bird tables for your garden that will attract birds whilst maintaining an attractive look.

Cold Frames

Cold frames are small wooden structures with transparent roofs, built low to the ground that act as a protection against cold, harsh weather. The transparent roof allows heat from the sun through whilst not allowing existing heat to escape.

Hedgehog Boxes

Hedgehog boxes are small wooden structures you can place in your garden that will provide hedgehogs are dry, safe place to sleep at night, away from predators.


Trellises are a great way to support climbing flowers and plants to grow along the vertical side of a wall.

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